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Comments from Prior Speaking Engagements

Here is one Godly woman who knows how to cling to God's word for renewal.

​She's a woman of surprise!  You don't know what fun ideas she will use to present an idea....and you don't know what amazing wisdom she has to share!

​Her talks are super organized, relevant, personal, full of scripture and honest transparency.

​What a woman of discernment!  She can get right to the core of what women are facing, both as a speaker and one on one with women.

​She is funny, eloquent and passionate about sharing the gospel.

​She is a mighty warrior in what- ever venue she is in....at work, as a speaker,  as a friend,  where ever!

​Her humor is fun.....her creativity amazing....and her love for women is unsurpassed!

You know the Holy Spirit is leading her with grace and truth.

​Her stormy past (where she faced nothing of her own choosing) has been met head on with the love of God and faith in Him.

​She knows how to walk in the Lord and to fight off the enemy.

​She is a gifted communicator and loves and enjoys people.

​Her humility and patience are evident the minute you meet her.

​She has never lost her sense of humor....in fact she has an amazingly funny way of looking at life and growth and ourselves!

​She inspires others to put down their self-stuff and get on with following Jesus 100%.

She is an amazing Bible teacher. She knows her Bible and is so creative in finding ways to teach God's truths!

What an amazing woman of character and stability!

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