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Key Links

There are millions of websites & books....where to go?

This page lists a few resources that we believe provide superb teachings and help
.  There are undoubtedly many more than we don't know about, but these are a few of our favorites!

Don't know Jesus?

www. juststopandthink.com         
   Great videos and teachings on Jesus, Christianity and about false religions

     Summary of the steps required for salvation including a sinner's prayer.

Teachings of the Word of God

Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel has taught the entire bible to his congregation several times.  Audio tapes of his teachings are available at calvarychapel.com under the resources menu. Chuck simply teaches the Word of God simply.

​There are many other superb teachers of the Word who love Jesus deeply and whose teachings are available on YouTube and their own websites including:

Greg Laurie:                    harvest.org
John Piper:                     desiringgod.org       
Francis Chan:                 francischan.org
Anne Graham Lotz:      annegrahamlotz.org
Joel Rosenberg: 

Bible Study Resources

Beth Moore:                       lproof.org     

Beth provides a variety of super studies including healing, love, relationships and                                                 numerous books of the Bible

Kay Arthur:                      precept.org/events_bible_study_classes  

You may not get to meet Kay personally, but you can plug into a local small group and dig into the Word!

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