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LovingKindness Ministries is affiliated with various ministries dealing with sex trafficking, and in particular, domestic minor sex trafficking "DMST".   We support them through speaking out, providing education and through participation in the Defender's program which is focused on reducing the demand for commercial sex - pornography, prostitution, massage parlors, strip joints etc.

​Lori has purposed in her heart to donate 100% of all speaking engagement fees and honorariums to Engedi House Ministries; a new refuge home that will be restoring the lives of women who have been victimized in the sex industry (see link below). 

​Some people may wonder, why the focus on Child Sex Slavery?  Firstly, most importantly, God called Lori to this.  Secondly, as if to confirm the real problem 'right in our own backyard'.  The following quote was found during a terminology search:

"​KIDDIE STROLL: area of the stroll featuring kids under sixteen, often much younger. Especially prominent in countries where prostitution is legal, but has minimum age limits of 18 years or so. The largest kiddie stroll in North America is in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, where public solicitation is illegal but not prostitution itself."

​DMST refers to children who are victims of exploitation through prostitution, pornography and sexual entertainment. But rather than being treated as victims, they are often treated as criminals or at best delinquents and placed in detention facilities. The business of sex trafficking of youth in Canada and the USA, in fact in many countries of the world, is flourishing. Growing demand for commercial sex with young, innocent girls and boys is fueled by a glorification of pimping and normalization of sexual exploitation.

​•   At least 100,000 children are used in prostitution every year in the United States, and an estimated 10,000 in Canada.
•   The average age of entry into prostitution is 13 years old.
•   Women involved in prostitution often started by being forced/seduced/tricked into prostitution as a child, and never stopped.  
•   Prostituted girls are often controlled by a pimp who recruits them into sex trafficking by first posing as a nice guy, and then becomes her
     boyfriend, caretaker, and protector.  Beatings, rapes, threats, promises of marriage and many other tools are used to keep these children in slaves.
     Young girls are often electrocuted so they get used to handling pain associated with having sex with a fully grown man.
•   Child sex trafficking in America comes in various forms including pimps, a family member who is often a parent that rents their child out, and
     survival sex which is sex for food, lodging or other basic requirements.

Shared Hope - Washington                                 sharedhope.org

SharedHope is a leader in addressing the issue of child sex slavery.  They have numerous initiatives focused on 3 key directions.

1. Prevent:    Shared Hope’s prevention programs examine the conditions that allow women and children to be bought and sold and document the marketplaces of victimization around the world. We work to enhance awareness of modern-day sexual slavery and we build international alliances to combat sex trafficking.

2. Rescue & Restore:   Experience has shown that there is no rescue without restoration. Our rescue programs are integrated into the outreach efforts of local restoration centers or survivor-led shelters with whom we partner. Healing and restoration is a complex process which starts with helping the victim feel safe and offering the opportunity to rebuild trust. Programs address immediate and long-term needs including safe shelter, medical and mental health care, spiritual renewal, education, life skills, job training and vocational programs.

3. Bring Justice:    Injustices are found across the nation including treating young girls as criminals when in reality they are slaves controlled by pimps. Shared Hope is working in a number of states to support the development of a legislative framework that ensure the right person is identified as the criminal and penalized in a meaningful way upon conviction... such as forfeiting assets to help fund the restoration of his victims. They also direct that services and safe shelter be provided for the victim.

Engedi Refuge - Washington                                        engedirefuge.com

Engedi House is a new refuge to be opened in the near future. It is committed to providing an adult group safe home with a friendly family atmosphere. We can accommodate up to 6 participants as well as a house director.  The women in our program take responsibility in the house for daily chores, meal preparation, and personal care. Our house director is available for mentoring, guiding and assisting in the domestic challenges that may arise.

Each woman is welcome to stay up to three years or longer if necessary. Full participation in the activities of home life and the Engedi Learning Center is expected.  

​Engedi House  understands that relapse may be a part of a participant’s recovery process and commits to support “getting back up” and trying again. We understand it may take several tries before a woman is ready to move on..

Aaron and Lea Newcombe are starting Engedi. Their desire is to promote peace and healing through the practical ministry of Christ in His mission to “…heal the brokenhearted, announce release to captives and freedom to those in prison…” (Isaiah 61:1)

Redemption Ridge - Oregon                         redemptionridge.com

Redemption Ridge is a comprehensive, faith-based, state licensed care and recovery community offering a successful path to freedom for minor female victims of sex trafficking. Through innovative, tangible resources and a dedicated and loving staff, our dream is for these young women to emerge with their God-given rights of freedom, dignity and wholeness. We strive to equip and empower them by redeeming what was stolen: concepts of family, love, acceptance, hope and purpose.

Redemption Ridge is unique as the only residential care safe house in Southern Oregon committed exclusively to restoring minor female victims of domestic sex trafficking.  It offers cutting edge therapies through dance, art, handcraft skills, creative and therapeutic writing, music and horses.

​Rebecca Bender is heading up Redemption Ridge. Rebecca was a victim of DMST. Her testimony of hardship, personal strength and will is inspiring to anyone who gets to know her.

Hope Art's - Zambia                                                                                 zam.co.za

Hope Art’s vision is to establish a Christ-centred church within walking distance of every person in the Western Province of Zambia and to see all villages impacted by the Gospel and uplifted through a strong Christian community.  Their vision is accomplished in several ways including planting churches, running a Bible school, translating Bibles, caring for orphans and vulnerable children, meeting basic needs such as medical clinics, water wells and feeding programs, entrepreneurship training and providing opportunities for people to pursue life goals and interests. 

As part of its funding, Hope Art makes high quality bracelets which are sold throughout the world.  All profits made by LovingKindness Ministries on bracelets are donated to refugee homes.

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