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Lori enjoys sharing her thoughts, getting into the Word, and bringing love and laughter back into the lives of women.  Whether its through her short stories, single topic presentations or weekend retreats, Lori provides a variety of services and resources to enhance lives of women from their teenage years, and up.


Weekend Retreat Themes​

Touch Ups and Tune Ups
In this three part series, Lori describes how we can look at change in our lives and how we can handle the things that we want changed and the things that we really don't want to change!

Clutter Closets and Junk Drawers
In this series, Lori shares about opening up our shameful dumping spots!

Where Do You Run To?
A weekend reflection of our ‘defaults’ when it comes to facing trials, tragedies and triumphs!

Are You a Useable Vessel?
This series includes:
   - Friday night: Testimony & Introduction
   - Saturday morning: ‘Who left these dishes
      in the sink?’

- Saturday afternoon: Breakout inductive
     study time (for those who want to go
  - Saturday night: ‘Open up that China

  - Sunday morning: 'Equipped to do His work'

Joy Written on Your Heart
This retreat includes:
   - Friday night: Testimony & Introduction
   - Saturday morning: ‘Breaking free - Finding
- Saturday afternoon: Breakout inductive
     study time or teaching on learn how to lament,
     not vent.
   - Saturday night: ‘Intentionality- Walking in
   - Sunday morning:  'There is joy in knowing
      the Lord'

Single Topic Themes

If the Shoe Fits
A light talk to engage and unify a group. This is specifically designed for churches that want to bring younger women into ministry and to get the different generations to mix and mingle.

To Be or Not to Be

The decision by Lori's mother’s not to abort . . . Lori!
Sane at the Feet of Jesus
Lori's personal Testimony
Parenting is Not for Sissies
A humorous look at parenting perils
The Middle Ages
A woman’s journey into menopause

Broken . . . now Beautiful!
How God can use the most broken of women to do his most beautiful work

Extreme Make Over
Lori gets to the "heart" of things . . . if our heart is God’s home, where would He begin to renovate?​

Gritting Your Teeth....or Falling In Love

Lori has published over 200 articles. They cover her 4 year journey as a stay at home mom that home schooled her two children. She  describes her journey as a 'Mary' trying to attain Martha Stewart living in a Marge Simpson world. ​

​Lori's articles archived in the National Library of Canada and written under the name Hope Forrest. They can be found at:


And YES, this humor is still relevant today and part of every retreat and speaking engagement. 

​ Each person's journey is different.   But a common thread that many of us have are deep, deep hurts that can rob us of joy, peace and hope.  What we do  at LKM is to help people break free of bondages, heal hurts and find peace, joy and hope that Jesus can offer. Laughter has its place - and so does a good cry, an act of forgiveness, a decision to change, and sometimes just a great cup of coffee with someone who cares.

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