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Need a Savior?

The harsh reality is - all of us sin, every single day

All of us are sinners.  Each and every one of us.  No matter how good a person we are, we can never be perfect, we can never be truly holy.  No matter how much we try, we are never perfect and thus not fit to be in the presence of God since God is holy. As a result, our sin creates a gap between ourselves and God.  Our sins also call for a penalty or penalties to be paid.

What Jesus did ....

​​Jesus is God. He created the universe, the heavens and earth, and everything in it.  Yet He loved us so much that He humbled himself to come to earth in fleshly form.   He was mocked and ridiculed.  He went to the whipping post, carried the cross to Calvary and was then crucified, the most painful of deaths known to mankind.   He could have stopped his persecutors at any time, but He chose not to.  He chose to continue - for you and for us.  Jesus was mocked, taunted, beaten and ultimately killed.  He paid the penalty for our sins. He offers us the gift of eternal life in Heaven with Him. We can then choose to accept His gift, or reject it. ​The decision is ours.

Asking Jesus to come into our lives

Asking Jesus into your life is a heart issue. It is not a transaction with God where you can buy an insurance policy.  You can't buy your way into Heaven. You also don't get to Heaven by simply saying a few wonderful sounding words, or  earning your way through doing good works or going to church 5 times a week. It is by God's grace and mercy that we are saved.

​Jesus wants a personal relationship with each one of us, each and every day.  For that to happen, we must also want to have a personal, intimate, living relationship with Jesus - daily. And when we do, our lives will be transformed.  We need to know and acknowledge Jesus for who He is, confess our sins, repent (ie desire to change from our previous sinful ways), seek forgiveness and ask Jesus to be our Savior and the Lord of our lives.   Many of us have the Savior part figured out but are not so inclined to have him as our Lord.   We may also not be truly sorry for our sinful past nor have a sincere desire to change our words, thoughts and actions going forward.  This is unfortunate as when we do make him our Lord, and have this desire to change, our lives are enriched beyond measure. 

When we decide to ask Jesus into our lives, we don't have to clean up ourselves first. We can come as we are, because Jesus loves us.  But because He loves us so much, He won't leave us as we are. Jesus will begin our life long process of becoming more and more like Him, a process known as sanctification. And as we walk with Jesus in our daily lives, we do so as His child and His friend.  He is our Father, our eternal Daddy.  God has no grandchildren, only children, and He wants to be with you and speak to you directly.     

Asking Jesus to be your Lord and Savior

To start our walk with Jesus, we must recognize who Jesus truly is, sincerely seek Him with a humble and contrite heart, and ask Him to be our Lord and Savior. An example prayer is below.  But please remember, it is not the perfection of words but the sincerity of heart and the desire to have Jesus in our life that matters most.

Example Sinner's Prayer 

Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God and that you humbled yourself to come down to earth to save mankind, including me.  I believe you died on the cross and paid the penalty for my sins.  I also believe you were resurrected on the third day, and defeated death. I believe it is only by your mercy and grace that I can have eternal life in Heaven. 

Jesus, I am a sinner and I am sorry for all of my past sins. I ask you to forgive my sins and make me righteous in the eyes of our Almighty God. I want to change my ways, my words and my thoughts going forward.  I want to follow you, and I ask that you change me, that you guide me, that you change my heart and help me become more like you every day.   I ask you to be my eternal Savior and the Lord of my life, each and every day for the rest of my life.  Thank you Lord Jesus.

After you have accepted Jesus 

​Accepting Jesus into your life involves you being born again, spiritually speaking.  It is the beginning of a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus, a relationship where Jesus is central in our heart not just our head.  how his relationship unfolds is up to us. We have a choice. We can make Him our once a week appetizer at church on Sunday mornings, we can choose to treat Him as a side dish we partake in every few days, as fries on the side to speak, or we can ask Him to be the main course of our lives, every day.   Our prayer is you go hard after Jesus, you have a passion for Him, a burning desire to get to know Him and to walk with Him throughout each day. As you do, you will become more like Him and you will be amazed at the changes in your heart and your life.  As your desire for Jesus grows, then the following kinds of things will naturally begin to occur because you want to, not because you 'need to' do them.

​1. Pray. Prayer is talking to God. You can pray out loud or to him quietly.  You can pray on your knees, making meals, riding your bike, during a meeting - at any time and place during your day.   He is always there.  Amazing isn`t He?  And when you do wrong (we all do), don`t beat yourself up.  Confess your sin, and ask God to help change you.  God loves you! He is your Father and you are His child. He wants a relationship with you.

​2. Study your Bible, not just read it. Start with the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, then read the rest of the New Testament.  As you do so, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal things to you.  Each time you study it, you will gain new insight.  It's quite amazing how alive the Bible can become as we study it, and through it, get to know how incredible our Almighty God truly is. You may also find it beneficial to listen to messages online from teachers such as Chuck Smith at calvarychapel.com and Tony Neal at cvcreekside.com.

3. Make Christian friends. You will find it so rewarding to have Christian friends with whom you can socialize and have fellowship, but more importantly, you can spend time together in prayer and in study of the Bible.  Seek help to deal with deep hurts and issues that are keeping you in habitual sin or other forms of bondage.  We can victory and freedom with Jesus but sometimes it takes some effort to get there.

​4. Recognize that when 2 or more are gathered in Jesus name, that you are having church. Church is not a building, but people gathered together because of Jesus.  Find a church and/or small group that  studies the Bible and doesn`t focus on making church a form of entertainment. Seek one which focuses on the Word, and is focused on Jesus.   We can be drawn to great music, traditional activities or a 20 minute sermon focused on a contemporary topic that feels good, but that isn't what our walk with Jesus is about.   The real meat is gained when we study the Bible in our church life, when we seek the truth which often means we are confronted with issues and then have to deal with them.

​5. Tell others about Jesus, and what He has done for you. Just give your testimony and what is involved in asking Jesus into your heart.   Ask God to give you opportunities to talk about Jesus and how incredible He is, what He has done and about the gift of salvation.

And remember, no matter what you have done or not done or said or not said, or where you are at or not at in your life, Jesus loves you!!!!

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